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We all have sometimes to adapt to something. In the pass I made a enormous series of works about the subject Human adaptation, if you have interesting in watch them visit this link
Here is something different that I usually do! A series of colourise sketch using only a slimline and with a simple trace. Drawings of normal things , objects in my everyday use. I hope you enjoy it!

This is my participation on Blanket magazine about the subject communication (issue 15).


Blanket is an online PDF magazine that uncovers art + design + photography from the talented people who create it.

Blanket is run by Bec Brown and her talented team of Blanketeers who each issue inspire their readers with informative interviews, cheeky and humorous stories and, of course, beautiful art, design and photography.

Here are some kind words from Chaos about my art work.

" I was recently contacted by this artist inviting me to take a look at his work. He is a plastics artist and I believe he hails from Portugal. I took a look at his site and found it to be very interesting. I openly admit that I am not an art critic, in truth I have no real knowledge of various kinds of art other than that of film and to a good degree food. With art I also feel it is important to see it in person, something that may be textured, or three dimensional, or using a special media is lost in a photograph. With all of that said I offer up my humble impressions of Rui Sousa's work.

There are a number of individual portfolios within his work. Each one following a different title and theme. As I looked through them what struck me most was the difference in each portfolio. Some of the images were disturbing to me. A mix of natural and unnatural things or a blending of creatures that sat uneasily with me. Other portfolios were images that reminded me of childhood. Light images that were playful and colourful. Images I could see sitting beside Paul Frank items or hanging on the walls of a children's room.

With that said I encourage you to take a look for yourself and see how the images effect you। http://ruisousaartworks.blogspot.com/ "

Chaos "aka Geoff Kolomayz "
Green Drawings


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The first Temporary book. The title is the
"First one" and have a series of 34 drawings.
I hope you enjoy it!


Here are some sketch to the wall of a Guest House in Oporto city, Fonseca Cardoso street.


The Fisherman

Was there, the fisherman.
Knew and felt the wind,
Chat with the fish;
I had the ocean, the sea in your eyes.

He had the soul of the blue sea, the sky,
And the heart beat and wave;
His blood, a sea current,
Air and water is carrying it.

Cried to go back to earth;
He dreamed of the sea with the wind,
A blue dream, air and water;
He dreamed of the home, with nostalgia.

One day he was
And it came back.
His soul rested, happy,


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My collaboration in issue n#75 of Ennemagazine
The text it´s about "Chocolate and Love"

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Eis aqui alguns fragmentos do painel que estou a construir para expor na parede da Aguas furtadas na Miguel Bombarda no Porto. O painel terá 2 metros de altura por 2,80 metros de largura. Todo desenhado com caneta preta de escrever normal. Em breve terei mais informação.

Here are some fragments of the panel I am building the wall to expose in store AguasFurtadas in Miguel Bombarda street at OPorto city / Portugal. The panel will have a height of 2 meters by 2.80 meters wide. All drawn with normal black pen . Soon I will have more information.

Title: Orient

Title: Lusa soul

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