Mural Bidonville
Imagens do mural que estou a trabalhar na vidonville no Centro Comercial Bombarda, ainda falta mais de metade, mas está a ficar interessante. Se quizerem fazer uma visita para o ver mais de perto e "melhor", o endereço é o seguinte:

Espaço Vidonville, Centro Comercial Bombarda loja 27, Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto.

Pictures of the mural I'm working on vidonville Bombarda Shopping Center, there is still more than half, but it's getting interesting. If you want to visit for a closer look and "better", the address is:

Vidonville Area, Centro Comercial Bombarda loja 27, Rua Miguel Bombarda, Porto.

This week's topic is:

Human Adaptation
Here are some images of one of the two projects I'm working right now and that will be presented later this year.
This project is the Human Adaptation, which although not new, is the first time that will be presented to the public!

This project will have a massive range of work in a record more plastic and liberal.
Addressing several controversial issues and somewhat shocking!

In principle will be held two exhibitions at dates yet to be defined. One in Braga and Porto in the other, but not lay by a presentation in another city in the country!

In this work the main thing is the Body (Human). Through it I will try to demonstrate and reflect all their ability to adapt the most numerous needs.

This small set of images are just some of the work to expose. I hope you have aroused curiosity. Soon I will have more news of the progress of the project.

Exhibition At Artes em Partes, Oporto City / Exposição no Artes em Partes, Porto

Visitem o Artes em Partes na Rua do Rosário nº 274, lá poderão ver alguns trabalhos das séries Ornamental, Comportamentos de Exercício e Human adaptation. / Visit the Artes em Partes at Rua do Rosário 274, there you may see some works of the series Ornamental, Exercise Behavior and Human adaptation.

Body Adaptation


This week's topic is:

Absolute Creative House


Like many artists who put pictures of their pets online!
Here is a picture of my lazy dog "Snoopy"!

" Feijão, Bu e o Muro"

Here are some images from my first child book in collaboration with the publisher
"A Prensa"
. Text by Luísa Soares. The book is participating in the III Competition illustrated books from Compostela.

The title book is "Feijão, Bu e o Muro"
More information about the contest and the Book to April, when the results come out.

This week's topic is:
The Temporary Exhibition
Apareçam dia 6 de Março pelas 16 horas!

Absolut creative House rua da maternidade nº13 Porto

Temporary Exhibition at Artes em Partes
rua do rosário nº 274 Porto


Absolut creative art, is an event where YOU will be meeting
the best creators in different areas.
Once again the temporary will have a space dedicated to he´s
artistic works.

Temporary Exhibition at Artes em Partes at Rua do Rosario nº274,
Oporto city.
On February 6 until April 6

Here are my collaboration for the issue nº 84 of enne magazine
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